Realtor & Builder ResourcesChristensen Financial, Inc is your go-to lender for growth. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service for you and your clients. With 15 years of experience in "bringing you home", we've built our reputation on a foundation of integrity, communication, and a really smooth loan process. Focusing on speed and compliance, we close purchase loans in less than 30 days with fewer overlays and suspensions than the industry average. We don't over-promise but always aim to over-deliver in quality, speed, and service. Lean on us for an industry-low closing time. Realtor & Builder Resources


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    Realtors: Work with a Winning Team

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    We know you have a diverse set of clients to cater to, that's why we have a wide array of loan programs. In addition, our continued focus on bringing in new, innovative and niche products to our portfolio give borrowers a range of options. Lean on CFI to provide a smooth and speedy loan process and make you look even better to your clients.

    Check out our variety of loan options below:


    Once you help clients find the perfect home, we ensure your clients understand the loan process every step of the way from application to closing. Working with CFI is simple and fulfilling for both you and your client who's looking to buy a home or refinance. You can count on our attentive loan officers to take great care of you both. Just fill in the contact form above or find a branch location near you to start "bringing your clients home".

    Why CFI?

    At Christensen Financial, we understand the demands of today's real estate market. The key to a successful purchase mortgage is finding a winning team. Our team of purchase mortgage specialists are uniquely trained to provide both Realtors and their customers with the support and information needed to ensure timelines are met and deals are completed. Our goal is the same as yours: quick closings. We handle the application, processing, compliance, underwriting, closing and funding so you can continue to do what you do best.

    With 15 years in the business, we have the long-term experience and up-to-date education that keeps our suspension rate below the industry average. In addition, CFI offers you the attentive communication of a boutique firm with the same level of resources that large corporation offers. You won't have to wait days to get an answer, we keep the lines of communication open to you and your clients so that you are continuously in the loop of what your status is and who to call for help. We know a human touch makes all the difference, so we're always just a phone call away. You can feel confident working with us knowing we're dedicated to providing referral-worthy service.

    We've built a great reputation in the industry founded on our tireless commitment to accurate pre-approvals, on-time closings, and transparent communication. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and win your business.

    Builders: Construction to Perm Program


    Christensen Financial provides in-house Construction/Perm (C/P) loans using our own internal funding department.   We have fully staffed Processing, Underwriting, Closing, and Funding/Draw Administration departments to ensure smooth loan approval and an efficient project funding process.  Christensen Financial has earned the trust of our clients and colleagues throughout the industry due to our commitment to accurate pre-approvals, on-time closings and draw disbursements, and transparent communication. 

    Builder/Contractor Acceptance:

    Christensen Financial, Inc. does not approve builders or warrant the quality of a builder’s work, but we do review a builder’s track record, licensing, and insurance to determine if the builder would be eligible to be an accepted builder based on current industry and lending guidelines.  A Builder Acceptance Questionnaire can be obtained from a Christensen Financial, Inc. Loan Originator, or by contacting our Construction Department at:  Additionally, builders may contact our Construction Department at our Longwood, FL headquarters at 866-869-0008.  In addition to the Builder Acceptance Questionnaire, Christensen Financial will require:

    • Copy of the Builder’s State Contractor’s License
    • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
    • Commercial General Liability Insurance
    • Positive form of Identification

    Builder/Contractor acceptance will generally be provided within 48 to 72 hours.

    Project Approval:

    Projects will be reviewed for approval based upon feasibility and compliance with Statutory Requirements, Budget Analysis, and Project Documentation.  Christensen Financial will provide the borrower and builder with a Project Review Checklist and will obtain an As-Completed Appraisal on the property from a licensed appraiser.  Items required in the Project Review Checklist are:

    • Executed Construction Contract between borrower and builder
      • Fixed Price contracts are acceptable, no “Time and Materials” or Cost Plus contracts are accepted.
      • Must include the entire contract including all addendums and exhibits
    • Cost Breakdown of the project matching the dollar amount in the Construction Contract
    • Full set of Plans and Specs
    • Estimated Completion Date
    • Building Permits if any pre-start activity has been completed
    • Pre-paid information, if they are to receive any credit towards equity
    • Production builders must provide a payee listing of subcontractors and suppliers for the following elements of construction: Foundation, Framing, Plumbing Rough, HVAC, Windows, Drywall, Cabinets, Roofing, Exterior Finish, and Flooring

    Project reviews will generally take 48 hours for approval.

    Funding/Draw Process:

    The state specific statutory requirements may differ by state, so the following is provided as a general guideline of the draw/funding process:

    Upon Loan Closing, there may be an initial advance that would be used to obtain permits, pay impact fees, and start the initial site work, based upon the project and loan approval conditions.

    Projects will generally be staged as either a 5, 8, or 10 draw project, depending on the project scope and size.  Additional draws may be approved, if necessary.

    When it is time to make a draw request, the borrower and the builder will submit a Certified Draw Request.   A local inspector will inspect and verify the progress on the home.  The inspector does not evaluate the quality of workmanship, but only certifies the amount of work that has been completed.  Once the inspector certifies that the specified work has been completed, Christensen Financial will advance the funds within 24 to 48 hours .